WASHINGTON –  On the ten year anniversary of the historic Cedar Rapids flood, Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) recognized how the community came together to help rebuild, and called on the federal government to better collaborate and reform metrics to ensure that rural areas have the same access to federal funding as coastal areas.

“Ten years ago, the Cedar Rapids community was devastated by flooding. Folks were forced to evacuate, leaving their homes and their businesses under water. The loss to the Cedar Rapids community was $5.4 billion dollars.  

“What we saw after the flood embodied the people of Iowa. We saw resilience, kindness and generosity. The community came together to rebuild and help others in need. Now, it is time for the federal government to do their part to help the Cedar Rapids community, with funding so Cedar Rapids can protect itself from future floods. Federal agencies should also better collaborate to reform the flawed benefit-cost ratio (BCR) so that rural communities have the same access to funding as coastal areas. The value of life is the same, whether it’s in California or Iowa.” said Senator Joni Ernst.

Senator Ernst’s leadership efforts to help the Cedar Rapids Community: