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The federal government has a significant role to play in developing and maintaining our country’s infrastructure, and along with national defense, it is one of its core functions.

Having a robust and efficient transportation infrastructure is vital to the economy. Our producers and manufacturers must be able to consistently and reliably transport their goods to domestic and international markets. A large number of industries, including our nation’s small businesses, rely on this movement of goods to help create jobs and expand market access, something particularly important for our rural communities.

I support transportation legislation that ensures Iowans are empowered to make decisions over where funding is needed most and which safeguards the flexibility of our states to determine how infrastructure dollars are best spent. That is why I voted for a bipartisan, long-term highway bill in 2015 that provides the kind of investment and consensus solutions for our state and local communities to move forward and implement transportation projects that enhance our nation’s roadways. 

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