Ernst visits Holiday Express

By: Jennifer Astelo, October 23, 2018

Tuesday, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst visited Holiday Express Trucking Company in Estherville Iowa. Joni toured the facility, as she walked out to the shop she breathed in deep and said "I love the smell of machine shops."

Trucking is very near and dear to Ernst's heart she explained that she drove truck at the beginning of the Iraq war.

"We would get our missions assigned and we were running 24 hour ops," said Ernst. "And we would go stage our trucks at a warehouse somewhere in Kuwait, and just depending on where you were on priority our drivers could sit 8-10 hours before they got loaded and of course even loading was an issue because we didn't have enough wrenches or forklifts."

Ernst went on to say, she loaded Saddam's Hussein's gold and other [unimaginable] things.

Ernst was relating with the trucking company as Sheila Schichtl Safety Manager at Holiday Express Trucking Company laid out all the safety concerns for their truck drivers.

Ernst listened with an open ear and it was made very clear the changes that need to be made when it comes to regulations.

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