Last night, braving the cold temps and a biting wind, Osceola community members, business leaders, and guests gathered at Lakeside Casino’s Event Center to celebrate Osceola, the community, and the businesses that make Osceola and Clarke County Iowa residents feel there’s “No Place Like Home.”  With a visit from Clarke County’s favorite daughter, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as well as U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, the evening was destined to be a special one for all in attendance.

Reynolds and Ernst both made brief speeches. Ernst, focused on her passion for hard work and commitment to serve in the community as well as the nation; and Reynolds, connected personally to the community where she started her political career and the successes she attributes to “Clarke County values.” Each were warmly welcomed and made the evening just that much more exciting.

Another highlight of the evening included pastor Chuck DeVos, emcee for the event, and CCDC Board President, Dr. Jim Kimball recognizing the Clarke Community School’s Industrial Arts Advisory Board charter members for their commitment to helping Clarke students discover and navigate today’s industrial technologies and how that could lead to a future within the community.

Charter Members of the Clarke Community Schools’ Industrial Advisory Board include:

2017 kicked off the Advisory Board’s inaugural year and, as seen in the video below, the program has been an incredible success for the school, receiving “Real-world” guidance and even substantial donations from the businesses involved.

Part of the evening was also dedicated to the recognition of two special community members that, without their love of and dedication to Osceola and Clarke County, the lives of those around them would not be the same.

With a very passionate nomination letter from Scott Kent, “The Owl Lady” Beth Brown was presented with the 2017 Community Service Award. With surprise family in attendance and a rousing standing ovation from the entire crowd, Mrs. Brown accepted the award through tears of joy.  In her well-known and humorous style, Mrs. Brown spoke of the love she has for the community and the commitment needed to help carry on her legacy.

All-in-all the evening was a special moment for many. From hearing of the achievements being made by the county in business development, housing, and more, to the excitement of the Industrial Arts Advisory Board, as well as the joy of recognizing those that impact the community for good, the event reinforced the theme with no uncertain terms – There is No Place Like Home.