🚨Just Passed ➡️ bipartisan legislation to end robocalls📞. I’m proud to be a cosponsor on this bill to stop illegal… https://t.co/pDOU5KWtk6
@DeptofDefense Ensuring our military has resources to defend our nation is a top priority. This includes making sur… https://t.co/XKekfbeJvT
Would you pay $1,220 for a coffee cup☕️? Probably not, but the @DeptofDefense did—25 times—w/your hard-earned tax d… https://t.co/cZWtEoNNIR
@VAChair The VA conducted a review of all their providers and found a small number of providers who were hired with… https://t.co/5Kjj0SJ7Y1
@VAChair The Ensuring Quality Care for Our Veterans Act ensures that every provider who was hired with a revoked li… https://t.co/te2URDQuqc