Ernst on RFS proposal

Source: KMA Land

By Brent Barnett

(KMAland) -- Iowa Senator Joni Ernst recently commented on the Environmental Protection Agency's volume obligation proposal to the Renewable Fuels Standard.

On May 29, the EPA released a proposed rule to modify the volume of renewable fuel required to be blended into U.S. transportation fuels for the period of 2014, 2015, and 2016. The proposal would reduce the amount of bushels of corn that would be blended as ethanol in gasoline fuel. The Red Oak Republican says she is not in favor of the proposal.

"We really should be pushing the EPA for greater volumes as it comes to our biofuels," Ernst said. "That includes biodiesel, ethanol produced from corn, and of course cellulosic as well."

Ernst says she has met with EPA officials regarding the RFS proposal.

"We recently did have a hearing in Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs where I did visit with one of the under secretaries, or representatives, from the EPA," Ernst said. "We worked on talking through some of those issues and how the EPA has not followed the original legislative intent of the RFS laws."

The EPA is holding a public hearing regarding the proposal in Kansas City, Kansas on Thursday. Ernst says she's happy the public hearing is being held in the Midwest.

"I have spoken to a number of folks that do intend to go to the hearing in Kansas City," Ernst said. "We are very glad they are holding it in the Midwest."

The public hearing begins at 9 a.m. at the Jack Reardon Center, located at 520 Minnesota Avenue. Ernst made her comments during a telephone conference with reporters Wednesday afternoon. 

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