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ICYMI | Ernst Calls Out Biden for Playing Games with Taxpayer Dollars

During Sunshine Week, the annual celebration of transparency and openness in government, Ernst exposed President Biden for keeping taxpayers in the dark about Washington’s wasteful spending.

WASHINGTON – This week, waste warrior U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) gave her March 2023 Squeal Award to President Biden for hiding unexplainable expenditures and playing games with taxpayer dollars, including millions spent training pigs to work joystick video games, building Whack-a-Mole for dolphins, and cooking up critters into edible insect entrees for human consumption.



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 Newsmax detailed the impact of Ernst’s Cost Openness and Spending Transparency (COST) Act: “Under the legislation, projects would be regularly reviewed, and taxpayers would be given a process to report federal agencies who are not transparent about how their funding is spent.”


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Breitbart highlighted praise from Justin Goodman, Senior Vice President of the taxpayer watchdog group White Coat Waste Project: "It’s bad enough that the NSF squanders our tax dollars to put bears, fish and dead turtles on treadmills and that the USDA funded horrendous kitten cannibalism experiments using cat meat it purchased from filthy wet markets in China.  Now, waste warrior Sen. Joni Ernst has uncovered that the same bureaucrats paid to train dolphins on iPads and teach pigs to play video games.”

Washington Times

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The Washington Times noted Ernst’s timing in regards to Biden’s boondoggle budget: “She is focusing on questionable spending as budget debates heat up in Washington. President Biden’s proposal for fiscal year 2024 calls for spending a record $6.9 trillion while collecting a record $5 trillion in taxes…Ms. Ernst said it’s time to tame the government’s generous research budget.”

iowa torch

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The Iowa Torch reported on the federal government’s failure to implement accountability measures: “Ernst pointed out that a law passed in 2011 requiring taxpayers to have a list of every single government program with the cost of each has still not been completed. Also, another law mandating that projects paid for with tax dollars include a public price tag disclosing the cost also is not being enforced. Also, Ernst authored a law requiring every infrastructure project behind schedule, or $1 billion over budget, to be publicly disclosed and she says it is behind schedule and still not completed.”


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Not the Bee joked about the absurdity of Biden’s expenditures: “Homelessness and crime are skyrocketing, drugs are killing entire towns, and no one can afford cars or houses. I'm glad the dolphins get their own custom iPads though. Good for them. It was about time.”