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Ernst on Title 42 Ending: “All States Are Becoming Border States”

Every day this week, over 10,000 immigrants have illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border.

WASHINGTON — As Title 42 is set to expire this evening, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is urging the Biden administration to implement Republican-led solutions to secure the border and end the illegal flow of immigrants and fentanyl into the United States, like Ernst’s BUILD IT Act, which would allow states to finish the border wall using already purchased materials.


Ernst noted that border crossings have surpassed the population of her hometown of Red Oak, Iowa, each day this week and highlighted the devastating impact of fentanyl on Iowa’s communities.



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Highlights of her remarks can be seen below:


“I think of my home community of Red Oak, Iowa. Ten thousand immigrants every single day – that’s twice the number of people that live in my community, Red Oak, Iowa, coming across the border every single day.”


“In Iowa, what we have experienced, because of this border crisis, is a spike in fentanyl overdose deaths from Iowans under 25, a spike up to 120%. These are Iowans who are losing their lives because of this border crisis and an uncontrolled border.”


“Biden has failed our American people. Failed. Utterly failed. And put us at the mercy of the drug cartels who control our Southern border.”


“In spite of what’s going on at the border, Republican do have solutions that Democrats and President Biden have turned a blind eye to and a deaf ear.”


“My BUILD IT Act would put already purchased materials – the federal government has purchased them – would put them to work by allowing our states to obtain those and continue building the border wall.”


“For the safety and security of our nation, we must, number one, secure the border – that comes first and foremost. Second, reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy that was put into place under the Trump administration. And finally, end this reckless catch and release program.”


“Iowa is not considered a border state, but all states are now becoming border state[s].”



Since Title 42 was issued in March 2020, the authority has been used 2.7 million times, including 1.5 million times in just the last 18 months. Of the 2.3 million border encounters in fiscal year 2022, more than 40 percent were processed under Title 42.


Since President Biden took office, over 5.5 million illegal immigrants have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. The Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence anticipates as many as one million immigrants could cross the border in six weeks once the Biden administration rescinds Title 42.