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Ernst ‘Circles Back’ on Request for Biden Meeting to Discuss Biofuel as a Clean, Reliable Energy Solution

The Iowa senator and her colleagues write: “Biofuels are a readily available energy solution that deserve full consideration.”

WASHINGTON—Amid the ongoing energy crisis and skyrocketing inflation, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a member of the Senate Agriculture and Environment and Public Works Committees, joined several senators in once again calling for a meeting with President Joe Biden and representatives of his Cabinet to discuss the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and the important role of biofuel as a cleaner, more affordable choice at the pump.
In a letter to the president, Ernst and her colleagues stated : “We write to reiterate our July request to meet with you, members of your Cabinet, and our Democratic colleagues to discuss the tremendous opportunity that biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel may contribute to your administration’s energy, environmental, and transportation agenda.”
They continued: Mr. President, biofuels are a readily available energy solution that deserve full consideration—not only for helping to stem the recent increase in fuel prices, which has subsequently accelerated inflation—but to serve as a foundational source of transportation emission reductions as part of your energy and environmental agenda.”
Background :
In July, Ernst and her colleagues called for a meeting with President Biden and his Cabinet on biofuel and expressed concern with the Administration’s policies, but their request was ignored without explanation.
After reports indicated the Biden Administration was weighing bailouts for Big Oil and undermining the RFS, Ernst led an effort to hold President Biden accountable for the promises he made on the campaign trail to support the biofuel industry and the family farmers who rely on it.
Last week, Ernst led seven of her Senate colleagues in calling for answers from the Biden Administration about the delay in financial assistance for Iowa’s biofuel industry in response to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
After a report found that greenhouse gas emissions from corn ethanol are 46% lower than gasoline, Ernst helped reintroduce bipartisan legislation that will require the Biden Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency to update its greenhouse gas modeling for ethanol and biodiesel and to fully recognize biofuel’s environmental benefits.