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Joni Ernst: $600 now buys you a new tax form.

When was the last time you spent $600? Maybe it was paying your rent through Venmo or buying a couch from a neighbor using PayPal. Well, the Biden Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is now planning to monitor these minor transactions.

This is just the latest effort from the IRS to snoop on law-abiding Americans. Just months ago, the Biden administration decided to supersize the IRS by adding 87,000 new agents, under the guise of only going after billionaires. But now, the White House is making life more burdensome for innocent, hardworking Iowans—once again breaking the president’s promise that his new tax plan wouldn’t hurt every day families.

Even more ridiculous, the very agency who will soon have more new employees than the total number of seats at Jack Trice Stadium, is looking the other way when holding their own employees accountable. A 2019 report revealed that hundreds of IRS employees had failed to pay their own tax bills in full or on time – and that the tax collecting agency had done little to discipline these tax cheats on its own payroll. That’s why earlier this year I pushed for an audit of the IRS. And, on behalf of American taxpayers, I am happy to report the IRS agreed to the review.

But the hypocrisy doesn’t stop at the IRS. The federal government can’t even balance their checkbooks or provide transparency on their transactions. Last year alone, the federal government spent $279 billion on improper payments! And that doesn’t include the unnecessary projects the government funds each year with your hard-earned money, like studies about turtles on treadmills. Unlike American taxpayers, the federal government is under no obligation for transparency or accountability when it comes to their own spending, which always totals well over $600.

Iowans are sick of the double standards and egregious overreach. Before Biden builds an army of auditors to snoop on innocent families and small businesses, let’s make sure the tax collectors have paid their own taxes and ensure Washington is working for YOU – not the other way around.

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