Ernst Helps Lead Hearing on Technological Development, Advancement at DOD

Ernst, a combat veteran and ranking member on the Subcommittee, pushed the defense panel for recommendations on how the U.S. can stay ahead of our adversaries, like Communist China, in technological development.

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a combat veteran and the ranking member on Senate Armed Services Emerging Threats and Capabilities (ETC) Subcommittee, helped lead a hearing today focusing on America’s military technological advancement and development, particularly in relation to adversaries like Communist China.
In her opening remarks, Ernst noted the Pentagon’s role in global research and technology—including their role in vaccine development. In addition, Ernst raised concern that America’s adversaries – like Communist China—are continuing to invest heavily in new technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, hypersonics, and that the U.S. risks falling behind our competitors in this development.  
Click here or on the photo above to hear Ranking Member Ernst’s opening remarks. 
The panel for today’s ETC Subcommittee hearing included:
  • Dr. Peter Highnam, Deputy Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Major General John A. George, U.S. Army, Commanding General, United States Army Combat Capabilities Development Command
  • Rear Admiral Lorin C. Selby, U.S Navy, Chief, Naval Research
  • Brigadier General Heather L. Pringle, U.S. Air Force, Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory
Ernst questioned the panel about their assessment of the United States amongst global competition to develop, adopt, and deploy new technologies. She worked with the panelists for recommendations for the Pentagon to improve tech advancement to enable our warfighters.  
Click here or on the photo above for Ernst’s full questioning of the panel.