WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst issued the following statement to begin debate on repealing and replacing ObamaCare:

“Today we took a significant step forward and voted to allow the full Senate to begin debate over repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

“For years, I have heard from Iowans who are struggling under the weight of ObamaCare and are looking for affordable, and patient-centered health care solutions. The reality in our state is that continuing the status quo isn’t an option because ObamaCare is unsustainable. Therefore, I will not stand by and do nothing while Iowans in the individual market have seen their choices vanish and will likely see a massive rate increase – all under the weight of ObamaCare.

“This is the long-overdue opportunity we’ve been waiting for to roll back this disastrous law and replace it with affordable, patient-centered solutions for Iowans. As we move forward in the time ahead, I will closely examine the amendments to see how they will affect Iowans’ insurance availability and affordability in 2018 and beyond.”

NOTE: According to the United States Senate, the motion to proceed to consider is “a motion, usually offered by the majority leader to bring a bill or other measure up for consideration.”