WASHINGTON – Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) joined Bloomberg TV today to discuss the latest with regard to President Trump’s directive on the sale of E15 year-round. A portion of her interview is highlighted below.

SENATOR ERNST: This is a big win for not only biofuels but also America’s farmers; those that are growing corn, those that are producing ethanol.  Iowa is the number producer of corn and ethanol and so it is good for our economy and provides additional choice at the pump.

KEVIN CIRILLI: It was interesting to see that President Trump in remarks yesterday said he is concerned about the price of oil and he wants to see it go down and if that means having to lift something like the ethanol ban that he would be willing to do it.

SENATOR ERNST: … Making E15 available year-round, it lessens the regulatory burden on our retailers so that is a really good thing as well.  So, again, very excited about this move.  I think the President is, one, upholding his campaign commitment, but again, is also making it easier on consumers.

To watch the interview in full, click here.