WASHINGTON – Today, on Veterans Day, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), a combat veteran who served in the armed forces for over 23 years, is honoring the brave men and women who have served the United States in uniform. In a video dedicated to veterans, Ernst expressed her unwavering gratitude for the servicemembers who have fought to protect the freedoms cherished by Iowans and Americans across the country.
Click here or on the image above to watch Senator Ernst’s video.
Senator Ernst’s full remarks are below:
“Men and women across this country have chosen to serve the United States of America in a unique way.
“They’ve joined the ranks of our Armed Services, deployed around the globe, and defended our homeland and our very way of life. And today, on Veterans Day, we recognize these selfless servants.
“America’s veterans should always be shown respect and honor for what they’ve given to our country. 
“They gave up the comfort of civilian life to fight for our nation, and after returning home, it’s critical that these brave men and women have the continued support they need and deserve.
“As a combat veteran, and someone who wore those boots and commanded troops at home and abroad, I’m proud to continue my fight to ensure that our nation’s heroes are afforded the honor, care, and treatment they are due.
“Our brave men and women who served our nation in uniform hold a special place in my heart, and they will always have my deepest gratitude.
“Today, to all of my fellow Iowa veterans and those across the country, we thank you for your sacrifice and all that you have done to make and keep the United States of America the greatest, freest nation on the face of the planet. May God bless our veterans.”