WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) today introduced Iowa farmer Mr. Clay Mitchell to testify before the first Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee hearing of the 114th Congress. Mr. Mitchell is a fifth generation corn and soybean farmer from Tama County who testified on his experiences with the implementation of Farm Bill programs.

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SENATOR ERNST: Thank you Mr. Chairman. First, I wanted to say how excited I am to be part of this committee. Thank you very much for that selection. Having grown up on a farm in Iowa, I look forward to working with all of our colleagues on this committee to improve critical agricultural programs for farmers and ranchers all across America. And today we have begun that important process by having witnesses from a variety of regions testify regarding the implementation of last year’s Farm Bill. And today, I have the pleasure of introducing Mr. Clay Mitchell who is a fifth generation corn and soybean farmer from Tama County, which is just south of Waterloo, Iowa. His studies and techniques have driven innovation in many areas of farming such as wireless farm networking, no-till farming, and grain storage automation. Mr. Mitchell is not only a farmer from Iowa though; he has also participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos and is Managing Director of Fall Line Capital. And on behalf of Senator Grassley and myself, I want to welcome you here today, Mr. Mitchell. And it’s always good to have an Iowan here in Washington, D.C and we look forward to your testimony. Thank you so much.

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