WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) is continuing her work to decrease U.S. dependency on the Communist Party of China. Last week, she introduced the Bring Entrepreneurial Advancements to Consumers Here In North America (BEAT CHINA) Act which would incentivize pharmaceutical and medical device and supply manufacturers to relocate to the United States.

Senator Ernst joined Jeff Angelo on WHO Radio to discuss the importance of the bill, saying, “This pandemic has created what I call the ‘great awakening’ when it comes to our vulnerabilities and our supply chain, and, so, when we look at, what are those things we need here in the United States that are important to our health and welfare and well-being—a lot of those things come from the Communist Party of China. Items like PPE, prescription drugs, and other essential type medical supplies—and we’ve got to fix that. And that’s what this bill does.” 

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The New York Post also covered her work, writing, Republican lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill to increase US manufacturing of prescription drugs in a bid to reduce the country’s over-reliance on China for critical medication. The ‘Beat China Act’ will create tax breaks to incentivize pharmaceutical companies and medical device suppliers to relocate to the United States after the coronavirus pandemic exposed China’s monopoly on urgent medical supplies, the lawmakers said.”

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