WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss her latest efforts to lower the price of prescription drugs for Iowa families, including legislation she successfully advanced in the Senate this week. 

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Senator Ernst also discussed the trade negotiations with China and the importance of getting a good, fair trade deal done soon.

On her work to lower prescription drug prices for Iowans:

“We had a Judiciary Committee meeting this morning where we did address a number of prescription pricing bills, two of those that did pass were sponsored by me and others…One would close the loopholes for sham patent transfers. The other one focuses on transparency with the middle-men that are negotiating drug prices.

“…we are truly trying to do the best we can in these tough times to get those prices lower for that end consumer. Our families shouldn’t have to choose between making a mortgage payment and actually purchasing and utilizing those lifesaving prescriptions.”