Ask Joni

Thank you to all who submitted questions! Below are a few of my recent answers to questions Iowans posted on social media.

Josh of Iowa – tweeted:

In Mills County & within plain view of the giant Google complex but have no internet. Help?

Thank you for your question Josh.

As you know, we still have a number of rural areas that do not have internet access, and I think it is important folks in rural Iowa have greater access to broadband internet. I agree with Governor Branstad, who has said that we want to make sure every acre of Iowa is connected through broadband.

However, we must consider all options before making this a public utility regulated by the federal government. It’s very important that we work to correct government overregulation, and not stifle creative activity and expansion with government intervention. We should not be creating unnecessary and antiquated regulatory constraints or expanding their already powerful role in the lives of Americans.

Iowa is becoming a hub for tech companies and is now home to three large data centers – there is more we can do, and I will continue working to expand broadband access across Iowa.


Paul of Sioux City – posted on Facebook:

I had signed up for your newsletter. I thought your visit dates in Iowa would have been in there. Is there is an easier way to know when you visiting in our areas?

Paul, thank you for signing up for my newsletter! It’s a great way to keep updated on what I’m working on in Washington and around Iowa.

The best way to learn more about my 99 county tour and events happening across Iowa is by visiting my website: Ernst.Senate.Gov. Please be sure to check back often for updates as to when I’ll be in your area or nearby.

Other folks who might be interested in updates on what I’m working on in Washington and around Iowa should sign up to receive my newsletter. To do so, visit my website: Ernst.Senate.Gov, and click the rotating banner on the homepage.


Joshua of Altoona posted on Facebook:

What are your thoughts of the ESEA reauthorization bill?

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA reauthorization bill, has gone through the markup process in the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Senate Committee, and now awaits action on the Senate floor. I look forward to reviewing the specifics of the legislation and debating this important topic with my colleagues, because ultimately our children need and deserve access to a quality education.

Because I firmly believe that Iowans know what is best for Iowa, it has always been my belief that education is best handled by folks at the local level rather than those in Washington, D.C. We need to empower parents and local educators to hold schools accountable, and to restore local control.


Althea of Cedar Rapids – posted on Facebook:

Now that your first 100 days are over, what's in store for your next 100 months?

It has truly been an honor serving as Iowa’s Junior Senator, and I have wasted no time getting to work serving Iowans across our state.

My top priority has been to make sure I am meeting with every Iowan possible who comes out to Washington and requests a meeting. Barring some reason like presiding over the Senate floor, I will always do everything in my power to make that happen – and I have already met with well over 1,600 Iowans who have visited. I will also continue visiting every county in Iowa as part of my 99 county tour. I want to hear from Iowans firsthand about their ideas to improve our nation.

Here in Washington, I’m focused on implementing real solutions as we chart a new path forward – especially through my committee work. I am honored to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee; the Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee; the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee; and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee.

I remain committed to helping grow a vibrant economy, cutting spending and balancing the budget, ensuring our veterans receive promised quality care and that our military has the tools to defend and protect our nation. I will continue to advocate for our Iowa farmers and our vital agriculture interests, and work to ensure the federal government runs more effectively and efficiently.


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