As rural flooding damage is assessed, grain bins are among the things that stand out in the aftermath of the high water. Many tore open, ruining everything inside.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst revealed Thursday that she and fellow Senator Chuck Grassley are working to do something to help farmers.

Because those crops are already picked, the farmers can't get federal assistance.

Ernst said, “One of the major concerns I am hearing from farmers across the state is the loss they are incurring from stored grain that has gone to ruin. Right now, the USDA's disaster relief program covers lost crops that are in the ground. However it doesn't cover lost crops that are in storage like what has happened to so many of our farmers."

Ernst's and Grassley's work would change that to cover the loss of the crops in question.

The senators are also working on other matters including incentives for employers to keep their workers on the payroll during these tough times.

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