Source: WHBF

Iowa's newest senator was back in the Hawkeye state today, making stops for her a 99 county tour.

Joni Ernst's goal is to visit every county in the state over the next year.

She made stops in Wapello, Burlington, and Veteran's Hall in Mount Pleasant, talking about issues like the Avian Flu, and its effect on Iowa's economy, jobs and prices at the grocery store. 

"These are important are because I want to here the concerns of Iowans. They are my responsibility they are the ones that I work for, I want to to take these concerns, these challenges back to Washington D.C. and implement some of the thoughts that are coming out of Iowa. "

One thought on the minds of Iowans is treating mental health illnesses and the facilities that that house patients. Ernst is working on legislature to help provide that care for veterans but it is an issue that effects Iowa civilians as well. 

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