Sen. Ernst joined over ten Republican senators to lambast Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Green New Deal which was estimated to cost $93 trillion over the next ten years.

In Ernst’s remarks, the Iowa Republican noted how the plan would cost $10 trillion more than the combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of every nation on Earth and how it would also exceed the total spending of the U.S. government since the Constitution was ratified in 1789. Ernst labeled the Green New Deal as her March “Squeal Award” as a symbol of how the Green New Deal would waste money.

Ernst described the Green New Deal as a “raw deal for America, especially our rural communities.”

“Just think about that number…93 trillion dollars. To fund this radical government takeover, every American family would have to pay $65,000 annually, more than most households in Iowa make in a year.”

Decrying the Green New Deal as a “creep of socialism into America,” Sen. Ernst said itl would eliminate many jobs for Americans in the energy sector.

“If you work in a part of the energy industry that’s fallen out of favor, your job has no place in the economy envisioned by the Democrats,” the Iowa senator said. “The Green New Deal states that one of its goals is to meet ‘100 percent of the power demand in the U.S. through clean, renewable, and zero emission energy sources.’”

Ernst concluded in her speech:

So, folks, we have a clear choice – we can continue to support rural America and pro-growth economic policies that boost our economy and create jobs, or we can allow socialist fantasies like the Green New Deal to creep in, take hold, bankrupt our nation, and devastate our rural communities.

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