Thursday morning at Briar Cliff University, Senator Joni Ernst served as the keynote speaker of a workshop called "Lessons of Leadership".

This is the 3rd Annual Lessons of Leadership conference and is intended to inspire young students and give them a window of opportunity to get to know leaders in the business world. The Q&A with the students was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, President Chris McGowan.

"Many of them are serving in leadership positions at the college, the university and whatever school system they come from and how to further that develop that leadership and inspire other people and put it to good work in the communities. That is why it's important. They will be leading our nation tomorrow," Sen. Ernst said.

They went through questions submitted by students that focused on Ernst's leadership values, how she developed her own leadership style, how it impacts her biblical views and overcoming challenges that arise.

"I think that leadership is definitely important in order to reach your goals and I think it's a skill that everybody should have. It just depends on how you inspire others which I think is a viable thing that I've learned today," said student Luisa Ramirez.

Chris McGowan also presented her with a gift for speaking as the keynote speaker at the commissioning of the USS Sioux City at the United States Naval academy in November last year.

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