Estherville, Iowa - Senator Joni Ernst is making her way across Iowa, including paying a visit to Iowa Lakes Community College.

As part of her 99 county tour, she toured the Sustainable Energy Resources and Technologies Center.

The facility helps prepare students for fields including environmental studies and engineering.

The Senator also talked with faculty and students who are studying wind energy and turbine technology, encouraging them to share how Washington D.C. can help their industry grow.

Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, said, "They are the ones that will continue to see the industry grow and develop through the years. We want to make sure they're providing that feedback if there's a rule or regulation out there that doesn't make sense in this industry, we need to know about that."

The Senator says wind energy needs to be part of the energy puzzle that includes renewables and fossil fuels to make sure the U.S. has affordable and reliable electricity.