By Brian Tabick

FOREST CITY, Iowa- Senator Joni Ernst is knocking 2 more counties off of her 99 county tour on Friday. The Senator pledged to visit every county in Iowa once a year something many Iowans know as the “Full Grassley”.

Senator Ernst first visited Winnebago Industries in Forest City. She toured the facility and learned a little bit on how a Winnebago is manufactured. She also took time to visit with employees of the local industry to hear about their prior experience before being hired.

“We have a very strong community college network throughout the state plus were blessed with a very high-quality education process upper level with our colleges and even our high schools are well renowned,” says Chad Reece, the Marketing Director at Winnebago Industries. “We feel like we’re getting a good talent but we need to make sure that flow keeps coming.”

Ernst also visited Lake Mills. That brings her 99 County Tour total to 97. Her staffers say they expect to finish the tour sometime in November.