BURLINGTON, IA Kicking off Veterans Day weekend, a World War II hero honored today in Burlington, IA on Friday.

91-year-old Gunnery Sgt. Allen Nelson Jr. had himself a remarkable career in the service. He not only fought in WWII, at 19 years old, he also fought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Senator Joni Ernst along with several other Vietnam veterans was in attendance for a flag folding ceremony and a presentation of a medal Nelson was awarded, for his bravery and 25 years of dedicated service.

A man who credits his faith for all of his accomplishments says he doesn't consider himself a hero.

"I think about all the people that were killed in that and actually they're the ones that are hero's they're the ones on the ground, they're that our hero's as far as I'm concerned, I'm not hero or nothing like that, I just did what I had to do in the military," said Nelson. "I've done a lot in my lifetime, yes and I just sometimes when I'm sitting in my chair at home I just wonder how exactly how I did it all."