Senator Ernst visits Eagle Grove

Source: The Wright County Monitor

By Kacey Ginn

On October 4, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst made a stop at Lewright Meats and Deli in Eagle Grove. In the middle of her 99-county tour, Ernst said her visit was part of her efforts to learn about challenges in small businesses and particularly in agriculture.

“We’re hearing from all sides of the agricultural industry, how that all comes together with an end product,” Ernst said. Her hour-and-a-half long visit had her sitting down with Lewright Meats manager Ethan Bubeck to talk about small business concerns, visiting with patrons of the deli, and even sampling some locally raised and processed meat products.

 “This was a really great stop,” Ernst said. “It’s been very beneficial.”

What’s the main concern she’s been hearing from agriculture-based businesses across Iowa? “Rules and regulations, far and wide,” she said. For her, the goal is to make sure the right rules are made and that they work for the size of the business. “It might fit well with a huge corporation with a lot of accountants and compliance operators… but sometimes those rules and agriculture aren’t making sense,” she said.