Ernst supports new energy reform bill

Source: KMA Land

By Brent Barnett 

(Washington, D.C.) -- Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is speaking out in favor of a new bill promoting energy production.

The Red Oak Republican recently voted in support of the bipartisan Energy Policy Modernization Act. Ernst tells KMA News the act is a comprehensive energy reform bill.

"We moved forward and passed this act," Ernst said. "It will work to match America's rapid energy growth and advancements with the much needed improvements to our outdated energy laws, regulations, and programs."

Ernst adds she feels the measure will increase awareness about federal conservation and incentive programs available to interested landowners in order to conserve land for future generations.

"This bill will not only promote American energy production, but will empower our businesses to create jobs, maintain global competitiveness, and save money for consumers in Iowa," Ernst said.

Ernst recently made her comments in a conference call with reporters.