One of Iowa's U.S. Senators is saying proposed tariffs against China, and the ensuing retaliation, will hurt farmers at home the most.

Senator Joni Ernst released the following statement on the ongoing trade tensions:

Farmers need trade, not aid.  These tariffs are nothing more than a tax on Iowa farm families and the escalating trade war is putting the livelihoods of our rural communities in the crosshairs. 

“With farmers facing increased financial pressure from low commodity prices and high production costs, it’s becoming harder and harder for producers to turn a profit.  These aggressive trade actions will continue to have damaging consequences, including an impact on our commodity prices and farm futures, and increasing anxiety among the agricultural and business communities in Iowa.

“With China vowing to retaliate, farmers, ranchers and rural communities stand to lose the most. And, while I recognize and support President Trump’s desire to hold China accountable – this should not be done at the expense of rural America.

“China is already investing more in other countries to supply their growing demand for agricultural products. We should focus on access to new markets and completing new trade deals, to provide farmers certainty.  We should also focus on reducing the trade deficit, rather than imposing tariffs that have already proven dangerous to our exports.

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