Source: KCAU

By Jenna Rehnstrom

Iowa U.S. Senator Joni Ernst is making the health of the nation's veterans the cornerstone of her first piece of legislation.

The Iowa Republican delivered her first speech, also known as her maiden speech, on the floor of the Senate Monday evening.

She says the Prioritizing Veterans' Access to Mental Health Care Act would give more veterans quicker access to mental health services, until they're approved for comprehensive mental health care at the VA.

Ernst says without it, more veterans will end up waiting for treatment and ending up in emergency rooms, when the suffering has gotten to be too much.

Senator Joni Ernst says, "As the budget process moves forward, we must insure that our national security needs are met. And that our veterans can receive the much needed care and assistance they deserve."

Ernst says this act will encourage the Department of Veterans Affairs to hire more mental health professionals, which will give more veterans access to help.

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