U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) this month unveiled Republican-led legislation that would keep members of Congress on Capitol Hill until they approved a federal budget on deadline.

“Hardworking Iowans and Americans across the country are sick and tired of government shutdowns, continuing resolutions and massive omnibus spending bills,” Sen. Ernst said. “This dysfunctional cycle is not the way our government was designed to function or should function.”

The No Budget, No Recess Act, S. 186, which she sponsored on Jan. 17, would ensure timely completion of the concurrent resolution on the budget and regular appropriations bills, among other purposes, according to the congressional record summary.

“If we fail to pass a budget and spending bills, we should stay in town and work together until we get the job done,” said Sen. Ernst, who was joined by U.S. Sens. James Lankford (R-OK) and David Perdue (R-GA) in introducing S. 186.

Members of Congress would have to pass a federal budget by April 15 or approve regular spending bills by Aug. 1 and would be unable to adjourn for the August state work period — or recess — until their work is completed, according to Sen. Ernst’s statement.

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