SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, of Iowa, is spending her congressional recess criss-crossing Iowa talking with her constituents.

In Sioux City, Monday, the Republican spoke to members of the Sioux City Rotary Club over the lunch hour.

She talked about issues that lawmakers will tackle when they return to Washington in September... including tax reform, infrastructure and health care.

She also used the time to talk about poverty across the nation, and a new bill she's helped to introduce. 

"It's my Empowers Act and it would help people ease up out of poverty by taking some of those federal resources and really molding them at the state level, allowing different states to figure out what is working best, what programs are working best and help people find that opportunity rather than cut them off" says Sen. Joni Ernst. 

Senator Ernst also spent part of the lunch hour answering questions from those in attendance.