WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Joni Ernst issued the following statement regarding the Trump Administration's Executive Order "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States":

“We are a welcoming nation, a nation of immigrants – of all religions and from countries across the world; but we must be vigilant in our efforts to ensure the protection of our homeland. 

“As I have said previously, I believe it is prudent to take the time necessary to reassess the quality and adequacy of the vetting processes we rely on for our refugee and visa programs. With respect to the President’s Executive Order, there must be more clarity surrounding the order’s implementation. In our efforts to protect our nation from ISIS, we also must ensure we are not inadvertently penalizing our allies in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism– especially those who have supported U.S. military efforts in Iraq.

“Moreover, we must ultimately address the underlying cause of the current humanitarian crisis by devising and executing a successful strategy to destroy our ISIS enemy.”