By Dar Danielson

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, says the Armed Services Committee she serves on got an update on North Korea’s firing of a long-range rocket Sunday. Ernst says they heard from the Director of National Intelligence.

“North Korea is always at the top of the list of unstable governments when it comes to very unstable governments that have access to very powerful weapons. And that was reiterated again today by a number of our members, as well as director Klapper when he appeared before us,” Ernst says.

She says lawmakers are looking at options for dealing with North Korea and its potential use of nuclear weapons.”There is legislation which is forthcoming, it does address North Korea and additional sanctions that we may be able to put into place,” according to Ernst.

Ernst says the legislation includes secondary sanctions. “Not only are we sanctioning the government of North Korea — but also those corporations or people outside of North Korea that are attempting to do business with North Korea,” Ernst says. She says that would include companies that might supply materials to North Korea to help them build nuclear weapons.