Source: KMA Land

By Mike Peterson

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is promoting legislation that would boost local health care services for veterans.

Ernst and Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly co-sponsor the Community Provider Readiness Recognition Act. Ernst tells KMA News the legislation creates a voluntary new designation for health care providers who exhibit skill and knowledge of military culture and medical treatments focused on service members and veterans.

"This is especially important for military reserve and National Guard service members who primarily depend on non-DOD or V-A providers for their health care," said Ernst.

The Red Oak Republican says the bill is another step toward improving health care services for veterans.

"Our service members and veterans in Iowa and across the nation," she said, "deserve health care providers who have the know-how to manage the particular needs of the military community--especially when it comes to mental health. Senator Donnelly’s voluntary designation would encourage health care providers to utilize existing resources and training to ensure they deliver the quality care that our men and women in uniform deserve.”

In addition to the special designation, the bill would also create a joint, searchable online registry of providers who earn this designation, and update all U.S. Defense Department and Veteran's Administration provider lists to indicate providers that have gained the voluntary designation.


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