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U.S. Senator Joni Ernst Releases Statement on Anniversary of Final Withdrawal from Afghanistan

RED OAK – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a veteran of the Global War on Terrorism and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released a statement on the one-year anniversary of the final departure of the U.S. troops from Afghanistan:

“Today is a solemn reminder of the broken promises made by the Biden administration after we saw a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Over the last year, we watched the Biden administration fall short on their commitment to bring home Americans stranded in Afghanistan; fail to avenge the lives of the 13 fallen women and men killed at the Kabul airport; and allow the Taliban to wipe out the rights of Afghan women and girls, all while al-Qaeda has been welcomed back with open arms. Risks to the homeland are growing inside of Afghanistan; the risks require sound strategy, not negligence.”

“To my fellow Global War on Terrorism veterans and their families, our message remains the same: we are forever indebted to you. For the last two decades, you bravely and selflessly fought to keep our homeland safe and protect the freedoms and liberties our country was founded on. We will never, ever forget your sacrifice and service.”