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Sen. Ernst Opposes the President’s Nuclear Deal with Iran

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) today released the following statement after voting to proceed with Senate consideration of the resolution of disapproval on the President’s nuclear deal with Iran:

“Earlier this year, 98 Senators voted for congressional review of the nuclear agreement with Iran and today our Democratic colleagues are going back on their word and denying the Senate – and the American people – a straight up or down vote on the President’s deal with Iran.

“This deal falls dangerously short of its intended goal to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program, instead it provides a pathway for Iran to achieve a nuclear weapon. In addition, there are no anytime, anywhere inspections that were promised by this Administration and are critical to curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. I am also deeply troubled that the administration was willing to leave the negotiating table before securing an end to Iran’s proven support of terrorism. They are the world’s leading sponsor of terror and we are giving them a free pass in this deal to continue those efforts.

“Contrary to the President’s claim that the deal will make the Middle East a safer place, Israel has made clear that they believe the agreement will make the region more dangerous. 

“I have heard from a great number of concerned Iowans that do not trust or support a deal with Iran and therefore remain committed to rejecting the President’s nuclear deal with Iran.”

WATCH Sen. Ernst’s Floor Speech on the President’s Nuclear Agreement with Iran:

Click here or on the image below to watch.

Last night, Sen. Ernst took to the Senate floor of the United States Senate to highlight the significant failures in the President’s nuclear deal with Iran. The Senator reminded members of Congress that “the decision we make on this agreement will have lasting results for our nation, the world, and future generations of Americans. I urge all of my colleagues to reject the President’s bad deal and put the security of the American people, our allies, and the global community first.”

Sen. Ernst’s Efforts to Shine a Light on the President’s Nuclear Deal with Iran:

  • Sen. Ernst pressed for answers in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing and asked current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey on whether he advised President Obama that the U.S. must accept the Iran nuclear deal or go to war. 
  • During several Senate Armed Services Committee hearings last month, Senator Ernst pressed witnesses on whether they agreed with the President’s ultimatum to accept the nuclear agreement or face war. Among the panelists questioned:
  • General Hayden and former U.S. Ambassadors echoed there are other alternatives between the President’s two extremes.
  • Admiral John M. Richardson, the President’s nominee to a top U.S. Navy post, stated that there were options beyond going to war.
  • In July, Senator Ernst voiced national security concerns with the proposal following President Obama’s announcement that a deal had been reached. Read the Senator’s statement on the Iran Nuclear Agreement here
  • In May, Senator Ernst voted in support of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, certifying that no congressional sanction can be lifted during the review period and safeguards congressional oversight of Iranian compliance, legislation she also cosponsored. This legislation passed the Senate by a vote of 98 to 1. Read more about the Nuclear Agreement Review Act here
  • In April, the Iowa Senator also took to the Senate floor to call for Congressional review of the deal. Watch her floor speech here.

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