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In Case You Missed It: Senators Ernst, Johnson Hold Hearing in Dubuque on Burdensome Regulations Facing Agriculture Industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) held field hearing entitled From Crop to Craft Beer: Federal Regulation’s Impact on America’s Food and Agriculture in Dubuque, Iowa. Iowa and Wisconsin farmers and businessmen told the senators that regulations often have unintended consequences that harm Americans in unforeseen ways.

What They Are Saying About Sens. Johnson, Ernst’s Hearing…

Politico: “With the waters of the U.S. now firmly in the purview of the court system, agriculture representatives and lawmakers are pointing to the EPA’s draft ecological risk assessment of atrazine and OSHA’s decision to scrap an exemption for retailers from strict fertilizer storage rules as the example du jour of what they say is unbridled regulatory overreach by the Obama administration.  The two issues held the spotlight at a field hearing of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held Wednesday in Dubuque.” (Politico, 8/18/16)

The Hawk Eye: “For more than an hour, the men described experiences and hardships, while Ernst and Johnson diligently took notes and asked questions.” (The Hawk Eye, 8/17/16)

  • The Hawk Eye: “It just feels like someone, with the stroke of a pen, thinking they’re going to solve something and do not have a full understanding of the magnitude of the challenges they’re creating and the economic burdens on people,” Vaughan said.” (The Hawk Eye, 8/17/16)
  • The Hawk Eye: “Richard Williams, director of the regulatory studies program at George Mason University, noted the “enormous” cost — in time and money — the business owners must dedicate nowadays to dealing with government regulations.” (The Hawk Eye, 8/17/16)
  • The Hawk Eye: “Giving business owners the leverage to run their companies effectively and responsibly will be key to strengthening America’s economy for the future, Ernst said during her final remarks of the hearing. (The Hawk Eye, 8/17/16)

Radio Iowa: “Senator Ernst says the increasing regulations follow a pattern of the current administration that is hurting the economy.” (Radio Iowa, 8/18/16)

KDTH: “Ernst says hearings like the one held in Dubuque will have an impact on reducing the number of regulations placed on farmers.” (KDTH, 8/17/16)

KCRG: “The panelists spoke of how, they say, some unnecessary government regulations on things like anhydrous ammonia are forcing businesses to cut jobs or even close. They talked about how some specific F.D.A and O.S.H.A regulations are impacting their company's bottom line.” (KCRG, 8/17/16)

  • KCRG: The Senators said that topic impacts all Americans as an average American household spends almost $15,000 each year to comply with federal regulations.” (KCRG, 8/17/16)

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: “Burdensome regulations are having a detrimental impact on everyone from crop producers to craft beer brewers, according to a panel Wednesday at Grand River Center in Dubuque.” (Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, 8/17/16)

Video of the full hearing is available here.

Click here for more information on yesterday’s hearing, “From Crop to Craft Beer: Federal Regulation’s Impact on America’s Food and Agriculture”.