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Ernst Statement on Conclusion of Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) issued the following statement after she opposed convicting a former president:
“As a United States Senator, I swear an oath to the Constitution, an oath I do not take lightly.  I’ve said throughout this process my concern is with the constitutionality of these proceedings.  The Constitution clearly states that impeachment is for removing a president from office.  The bottom line for this impeachment trial: Donald Trump is no longer in office, he is a private citizen.  I strongly believe Congress should not be in the business of treating impeachment as a political tool to enact partisan revenge, and if it were to do so, Congress would set a very dangerous precedent, one that is inconsistent with the Constitution I swear an oath to.  I urge all of my Senate colleagues to once again refocus on working together for the American people – not ourselves or political ambition, but for the hardworking men, women, and kids across this country who are in desperate need of help and hope.”