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Ernst Statement on Authorization of Use of Military Forces against ISIS

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) released the following statement after cosponsoring a joint resolution for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against the Islamic State (ISIS) and its associated forces, which was introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

This AUMF would enable the President to use all necessary and appropriate force in order to defend the national security of the United States against terrorist organizations.

“For well over a year, ISIS has declared war on our nation and continues to threaten attacks against the American people, while committing devastating acts of terrorism across the globe.

“This AUMF is an important step toward achieving a serious bipartisan solution to destroy ISIS and those radicalized by them. Simply put, the AUMF gives President Obama the authorization to fully engage, defeat, and destroy ISIS, wherever they are.

“It is completely unacceptable that our Commander in Chief has failed to outline a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS. We must preserve the safety and security of the American people, and that starts with our President making a commitment todestroy ISIS.”

Senator Ernst recently called for a renewed AUMF on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “We need to be more aggressive and that would include a comprehensive strategy coming from our President and coming from our Joint Chiefs. They can develop that strategy and we need to implement it. We need to grow our coalition. And we need to rely on those military experts. We as Congress, though, need to make sure that we have an AUMF, an Authorization of Use of Military Forces, which will direct our military on what they can or can’t do as they go after ISIS the Middle East, and we need to get rid of sequestration in the military.”

Click here to read the AUMF.

About the AUMF:

  • Authorizes the President to use all necessary and appropriate force in order to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its associated forces, organizations, and persons.
  • Requires the President, at least once every 60 days, to submit to Congress a report on matters relevant to this joint resolution, including actions taken pursuant to the exercise of authority granted.

Senator Joni Ernst is the first female combat veteran elected to serve in the United States Senate and served in the military for more than 23 years. She received her undergraduate degree from Iowa State University where she joined the university’s ROTC program. After graduating, Ernst was commissioned as an officer in U.S. Army Reserves, and after a few years in the Reserves, transferred to the Iowa National Guard. In 2003, she served as a company commander in Kuwait and Iraq, leading 150 Iowa Army National Guardsmen during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Senator Ernst retired from the military on November 30, 2015, as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard.

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