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Ernst: Pulling the Plug on Biden’s Electric Vehicle Fantasy

Santa Could Never Make His Way if EVs Were Fueling His Sleigh

WASHINGTON – Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is exposing the Biden administration’s out of touch green agenda and pulling the plug on its failed $7.5 billion electric vehicle (EV) charging initiative.

President Biden’s so-called infrastructure bill funded a $7.5 billion effort to construct thousands of EV charging stations across the country. However, only two stations have opened in over two years as a result of this billion dollar boondoggle.

Ernst’s Unplug the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Program Act will repeal these programs and put this money back in taxpayers’ pockets – to fill up their stockings this Christmas.

“Santa might be on his way, but he wouldn’t complete his trip on time if he relied on Biden’s electric vehicle chargers to guide his sleigh,” Ernst said. “Only in Washington would spending billions of dollars to open just two charging stations be touted as a success story, but the rest of the nation can see the Biden administration has failed to deliver on its wish list. I’m pulling the plug on Biden’s EV fantasy and am glad Santa’s sleigh is powered by a team of reindeer.”

Since EVs have a charge range of 300 miles or less, Ernst estimates that for Santa’s almost 400 million mile trip on Christmas Eve, he would have to stop and recharge over 1.3 million times during the course of his trip if his sleigh was battery-powered.

Read full text of her legislation here.