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Ernst Joins Bret Baier on Fox News, Calls on Biden to Support Ukraine, Punish Russia, Unleash American Energy

The Iowa senator also spoke on Governor Reynolds’ upcoming response to President Biden’s State of the Union.

RED OAK, Iowa—U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a combat veteran and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined Bret Baier on Fox News this afternoon to discuss Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and to continue her calls for more action from the Biden administration to arm Ukraine, punish Putin, and promote American energy independence. Ernst also spoke on Governor Reynolds’ upcoming response to President Biden’s State of the Union. 

Click here or on the image above to watch Ernst’s remarks.  

On her experience in Ukraine and action needed from the Biden administration:

“I spent some time in Ukraine while it was part of the Soviet Union in 1989, and what I learned from the Ukrainians at that point was they wanted to be free—that remains true today—Ukrainians want to be free. And what we see—this aggression shown by Russia, by Vladamir Putin, it is absolutely unacceptable and it should be unacceptable across the world stage. We have to do more to provide lethal aid to the Ukrainians, we need to cut of Russian energy sources, we need to become energy independent, and we need to make sure we are doing absolutely everything we can to allow the Ukrainians freedom and democracy.

On Putin ordering Russian nuclear forces on high alert:

This would be a catastrophe and it would be the end of the Russian Federation. This type of action—going to nuclear war—would absolutely not be tolerated by anyone around this globe. And we certainly need to hear President Biden speak out against these types of actions. Vladamir Putin has gone a step too far making these threats, and we need our president to step up and be a leader, not a follower, but a leader and decry these types of announcements by Vladamir Putin. But again, this would truly be the end of the Russian Federation as the rest of the world would step up and destroy him.”

On the importance of regaining American energy independence:

“We have decreased American independence when it comes to our fuel sources and instead become much more reliant upon Russia. And now we see the United States negotiating with Iran and offering to lift sanctions on Iran as we work through a new nuclear agreement with them. This is ludicrous. This president and the climate alarmists that are out there—they need to take that and move a different direction. We should be producing our own energy here in the United States of America, providing for American jobs, driving down energy prices right here at home, and not relying on our near peer adversaries like Russia and Iran…energy security is national security.

On Governor Reynolds giving the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union:

I am so proud of our governor and our wonderful state of Iowa. Kim Reynolds has been a true patriot and a leader through so many difficult challenges. She is striving to of course lower taxes for Iowans, make sure that our teachers and our students and our families have a path forward through COVID. She’s done an admirable job there. She has opened our economy and was one of the first state leaders to do that during COVID-19, and I am just very thankful that she has the opportunity to highlight Iowa and push back on this disastrous Biden administration.