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Ernst Exposes Nancy Pelosi Federal Building as Far Left Failure

Spooky Sight of Overdoses, Crime Warns Workers to Stay Away

WASHINGTON – In response to far left policies that have incentivized crime, Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is calling for the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building to be shut down until it is no longer a threat to public safety after the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) advised hundreds of employees working there to stop coming to the office due to safety concerns with crime and violence on the same day the Biden administration called for federal employees to return to their offices.

Ernst notes that there are at least five other federal facilities within the San Francisco area where government employees could be relocated to interact with taxpayers face-to-face.

“Working at a Department of Health and Human Services building shouldn’t be a risk to your health or life, but it is now due to former Speaker Pelosi and the other liberal politicians that have allowed criminal chaos to overtake the streets of San Francisco,” Ernst said. “Ironically, the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building is a symbol of the way government doesn’t work, with offices and workplaces largely empty due to misguided policies of the federal, state, and city governments. If it’s not safe for federal employees to work here, it certainly can’t be safe for businesses to operate and families to live here. I’m calling to shut down the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building. After all, they’ve already been forced to abandon it, so why should taxpayers keep the lights on in Nancy Pelosi’s haunted house?”

The frightening conditions featured around the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building include:

  • Nearly 150 suspected overdoses – including more than 30 deaths – on the block surrounding the Federal Building reported in the first half of this year.
  • A protective fence has been put up outside the building whose namesake with an office inside calls it “immoral” to build barriers to protect our nation’s border.
  • Federal employees who work in the building have been threatened with knives, and one was chased with a hammer.