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Ernst: Do More to Bring Hostages Home

WASHINGTON – After the death of American citizen Itay Chen was confirmed, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) shared his family’s story and expressed the need to fully hold Iran-backed Hamas accountable to immediately release the hostages.

This weekend, it was reported that Qatar threatened to expel Hamas leaders if the hostages aren’t released.


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In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks on Israel by Iran-backed Hamas, Ernst met with the hostage families in Israel and has remained in close contact with them.

In October 2023, Ernst led a bipartisan group of her colleagues urging President Biden to focus his full attention on freeing American hostages taken by Hamas. In December, Ernst led a bipartisan letter calling on President Joe Biden to leverage the U.S. diplomatic relationship with Qatar to secure the immediate release of the remaining hostages.

She hosted the Chen family at the State of the Union and committed to sharing their story until all American citizens are returned home.