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Ernst Blasts the Bernie, Biden Reckless Tax-And-Spend Spree

The Iowa senator called out the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending spree that will likely hike taxes on middle-class Iowans, Americans

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is continuing to call out President Biden and congressional Democrats for their reckless tax-and-spending spree and their proposed tax scheme on middle-class Iowans and Americans, farmers, and small businesses amid rising prices and inflation.


Click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Ernst’s remarks.


Last week, Ernst helped put forward an amendment that would expose the impacts of reckless government spending on inflation and hardworking Americans’ pocketbooks.


Ernst recently penned a column highlighting the magnitude of the Democrats’ reckless tax-and-spend spree and the impact it would have on taxpayers, writing in part, “While our families are already feeling the burden from rising costs of goods and services, Washington Democrats want to continue to spend at reckless rates.”