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Ernst: Biden Needs to Ensure Safety of Americans in Ukraine, Push Back on Russia

WASHINGTON—A week after Senate Democrats filibustered an effort to reinstate sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline as Russia continues its aggression on the Ukrainian border, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, continued her calls for President Biden to actively support and bolster Ukraine.
Ernst said the Secretary of State’s negotiations last week—designed to de-escalate—have failed because Putin doesn’t take President Biden’s threats or leadership seriously. She also blasted the administration for having no plan to ensure the safety of Americans living in or visiting Ukraine.
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In November, Ernst met with members of the Ukrainian delegation at the Halifax International Security Forum. In an op-ed in Defense News last month, Senator Ernst outlined steps America should take to counter Russian aggression against Ukraine.
After stating in an interview on Fox News Sunday that the United States should not allow Putin to move forward with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Ernst slammed Senate Democrats after they blocked an effort to reinstate sanctions on the pipeline.
Ernst joined her colleagues in a letter calling on President Biden to make clear that America stands with our eastern European allies amid Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine. Ernst also backed an effort to provide critical support to Ukraine as Putin continues his aggression on the Ukrainian border.