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Ernst: Biden Has Failed the American People

WASHINGTON – Ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address tomorrow, Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) urged the president to take a look at the state of our country.

She called for his overdue budget request and National Security Strategy as families and small businesses are crippled by Bidenflation, illegal immigrants and fentanyl are taking American lives, and U.S. servicemembers are sitting ducks while terrorists hold our citizens hostage.


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After President Biden blew the deadline, Ernst introduced the SUBMIT IT Act to require the President to submit his budget request and National Security Strategy before he discusses his agenda at the State of the Union.

This would hold the President accountable to The Budget Act of 1974, which mandates the President’s budget request should be submitted by the first Monday in February, and The National Security Act of 1947, which dictates that the National Security Strategy must be submitted on the same day as the budget request.