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Sen. Joni Ernst responds to President Obama's budget plan

Source:  KWWL

By Adam Amdor

Sen. Joni Ernst said she'd cut the pork (extra spending) when she arrived in Washington.  She issued a statement Monday following President Obama's fiscal year budget proposal. 

“President Obama's budget is more of the same tired ideas – it fails to balance the budget while creating more taxes, more spending, more debt and bigger government. The stale mindset of this Administration has led to failed policies without real solutions for the challenges we face.

“In Iowa and all across the country, folks elected this new Congress with a clear mandate: to work on behalf of the people. We must balance the budget and move forward on a roadmap that includes meaningful reforms such as simplifying our outdated and loophole-ridden tax code. 

“Let's work together to increase accountability and eliminate waste to ensure our government runs effectively and efficiently. I hope President Obama will work with this new Congress to implement the kind of meaningful reforms that hardworking Iowans deserve.”

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