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KCCI: Ernst introduces bill to give new parents $500 per child born in 2020 under CARES Act

Sen. Joni Ernst announced Friday she was supporting new legislation that would provide new parents with $500 immediately under the CARES act, instead of waiting until after the parents file for taxes in 2021.

The CARES Act provided $1,200 to taxpayers that qualified with an extra $500 per child in the qualifying family. However, children born in 2020 were not allowed to receive the $500 increase until they're claimed in 2021.

The Newborn CARES Act would allow families to access that $500 now.

“For new parents, this pandemic has brought unforeseen challenges at such an important time in their lives,” Ernst said in a press release. “The COVID-19 relief legislation we passed earlier this year was designed in part to help these families, and it’s critical they get assistance now—not a year from now. This bipartisan legislation will make that simple fix to ensure Iowa families get this vital support right away.”

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