As a mother, I am committed to defending life, because protecting our most vulnerable is an important measure of any society.

In fulfillment of that commitment, I have supported a number of measures to protect the sanctity of life at every stage of development, safeguard women’s health, and shine a light on the realities of abortion. Such measures include the introduction of legislation to redirect taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood – the single largest provider of abortions in our country – to other eligible providers of women’s health care like community health centers and hospitals. According to the most recent data, in Iowa, community health center sites continue to outnumber Planned Parenthood centers. Notably, community health centers provide greater preventative and primary health care services — including voluntary family planning services, except abortion — than Planned Parenthood, regardless of a person’s ability to pay. I am proud that in 2017, President Trump signed my effort into law, restoring the right for states to decide the best eligible Title X providers.

I have also supported legislation to prohibit abortion after about 5 months of pregnancy – the stage of development at which evidence shows unborn babies can feel pain and survive outside of the womb. 

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