March 2019

Date Title
3/12/19 Military Times: Use-it or lose-it: DoD dropped $4.6 million on crab and lobster, and $9,000 on a chair in last-minute spending spree
3/12/19 The Washington Post: How to provide paid family leave without further indebting the nation
3/8/19 Fox News: Senators introduce 'Green Alert' legislation to establish nationwide notification system for missing veterans
3/7/19 Breitbart News: Joni Ernst Calls out $93 Trillion Green New Deal as ‘Raw Deal’ for America
3/4/19 County News: Ernst stresses county roots in Senate service
3/4/19 KIOW: Ernst Votes to Protect Lives of Children Born After Failed Abortions
3/1/19 Washington Examiner: 'America first' doesn’t mean 'American alone,' Joni Ernst says

February 2019

Date Title
2/28/19 Radio Iowa: ‘Billion Dollar Boondoggle’ bill from Sen. Ernst targets large-scale waste
2/27/19 Sen. Ernst Joins CNBC’s Squawk Box to Discuss Her Efforts to Make ‘Em Squeal
2/26/19 The Federalist: Sen. Joni Ernst Introduces Bill To Expose ‘Billion-Dollar Boondoggles’ Like California High-Speed Rail
2/15/19 Audubon County Advocate Journal: Ernst Visits Audubon
2/6/19 The Messenger: Joni Ernst has the right idea

January 2019

Date Title
1/31/19 (VIDEO) WOWT: Three years after Sarah Root’s death, a renewed push for Sarah’s Law
1/30/19 The Ripon Advance: No federal budget? Congress must continue working to approve one, says Ernst
1/29/19 (VIDEO): KCRG: U.S. Department of Ed to increase oversight of student seclusion and restraint